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Curious if you can purchase property in Costa Rica? It's actually very easy for foreigners. Read About Purchasing in Costa Rica and Maritime (Beachfront Property) Law for more information. We are experts at it so please ask us if you have any questions.

There are so many amazing areas in Costa Rica, each unique due to the 13 micro-climates in this small country. Click the map to view properties in that province.

About Cariari
Cariari Heredia area and real estate information

The city of Cariari is synonymous with firsts: the first golf course in Costa Rica, the first shopping mall, and the first high-end real estate development in the country. Here are some of the most luxurious homes where many of the famous and rich have found their homes. The retirement community is very activate and you cannot call the residents old as their age has no meaning here. Residents settle here from all over the world, and if you want to have an active life when you retire, then this is the place to call home.

About Drake Bay
Drake Bay Puntarenas area and real estate information

Discovered by Sir Francis Drake during his travels around the world in the 16th century, Drake Bay packs natural beauty that has stood the test of time.

It is located in the northern side of the Osa Penninsula in Costa Rica, and poetically juts out in the Pacific Ocean.

When it comes to remote, not overly touristic destinations in Costa Rica, Drake Bay climbs to the top of the list. As a beautiful lush bay in the Osa Peninsula, Drake Bay offers a magical experience to all visitors.

If you’re seeking some peace and quiet for your Costa Rica trip, somewhere where birds are your best friends and the ocean waves tell you good night, Drake Bay is where you should go. It’s surrounded by untouched forests that attracts nature lovers from every corner of the planet and is an excellent place to experience the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park.

About Golfito
Golfito Puntarenas area and real estate information

Golfito is a port town in Puntarenas Province on the southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica only 1 hour from the Panama border. It is located across from the Osa Peninsula on the Golfo Dulce. Golfito has long been know to surfers as the gateway to Pavones, just to the south, and one of the most tranquil beaches of Costa Rica Playa Zancudo. Some of the best sport fishing brings fishermen from all over the world. This is an unspoiled area and truly in the jungle of the Southern zone.

About Golfo Dulce
Golfo Dulce Puntarenas area and real estate information

Golfo Dulce (English: Sweet Gulf) is a gulf in Costa Rica, located at the South of the Province of Puntarenas. The inlet starts on the Pacific Ocean side of Costa Rica and extends slightly northward before turning west. The most westward part is at the city of Rincon. The bay separates the Osa Peninsula from the mainland Costa Rica.

Golfo Dulce was announced a Mission Blue hope spot in February 2019, following the recognition of the unique biome of the tropical gulf as home to marine life including the scalloped hammerheads, humpback whale and four species of dolphin. Mission Blue, launched in 2009 by Sylvia Earle aims to raise awareness and protect areas of the sea highlighted as “critical to the health of the ocean”. This is the hottest sport fishing area and becoming more popular as the citizens strive to keep it eco friendly.

About La Virgen
La Virgen Puntarenas area and real estate information

This is a small town where the cattle still roam and the cowboys will hook up to a post in the popular grocery store of Merindinas. It's a very unique community and is home of several rice fields that have been producing rice for so many years for Costa Rica. The town is set between the popular surf spot of Pavones and the gorgeous beaches of Playa Zancudo. With beaches just minutes away and titled property, La Virgen is becoming a hot spot especially now that the roads will be paved soon, opening this town up as a great investment opportunity.

About Limón
Limón  area and real estate information

Puerto Limón contains two port terminals, Limón and Moín, which permit the shipment of Costa Rican exports as well as the anchoring of cruise ships. In 2016, the government pledged â‚¡93 million ($166,000) for a new cruise ship terminal for Puerto Limón. Puerto Limón, commonly known as Limón (Spanish for "lemon"), is the capital city and main hub of Limón province, as well as of the cantón (county) of Limón in Costa Rica. It is the seventh largest city in Costa Rica, with a population of over 55,000, and is home of the Afro-Costa Rican community.

About Pavones
Pavones Puntarenas area and real estate information

Pavón is a town in Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica. The town is located near the mouth of the Golfo Dulce. It is around 15 km south of Playa Zancudo. The town is renowned as a surfers's haven with some of the best waves in the world. Sport fishing, hiking, bird watching, wildlife observation and yoga are also popular. Located on the southern Pacific coastline of Costa Rica, Pavones has a beautiful and secluded beach that lies on the interior of the Golfo Dulce, more than a seven-hour drive from the airport in San Jose and visitors find it so worth the trip. With the onset of the surfers Pavones has become a hot spot and homes are being built and property is appreciating as prices are so great for investment.

About Pilón
Pilón Puntarenas area and real estate information

This is a quiet village of mostly surfers and foreigners that have found their place in paradise. Just down from the popular surf in Pavones is another popular surf area called Salea. The homes are in the the hills behind the Golfo Dulce and most have unreal views of the ocean below. This is titled land and there are so many gorgeous lots and existing homes to be purchased at great prices.

About Playa Zancudo
Playa Zancudo Puntarenas area and real estate information

Playa Zancudo has one of the most undiscovered and treasured beaches in Southern Costa Rica. It's one of the only beaches in Costa Rica where you can live directly on the beach with no roads or land in between you and your own paradise in your front yard. It's a lazy village with pretty much half local ticos and half foreigners owning the land and living and working here. A scattering of restaurants with great cuisine and friendly bars with local music, pool tables, and local soccer games, where musicians from all over the world stop in and perform. The town has some great local-run fishing boats and one high end fish resort in the Golfo Dulce.

About Tamarindo
Tamarindo Guanacaste area and real estate information