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$ 240,000
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Long Established Restaurant / Bar and Rental Rooms

Playa Zancudo, Puntarenas Province | Commercial  #PZ 700

This established business has been in Playa Zancudo as long as anyone can remember and is the place to go on Saturday nights for pizza and beer.

The owner is a fixed asset of the small community and she has continued to update her property to now have 7 rooms available for rent. One suite upstairs has room for 3 full beds and is air conditioned. The right side of her property has 4 bedrooms with ceiling fans and has a darling front porch from which you can hear and see the ocean.

The best part is that there will not be any buildings to block this view in the future as there are already 2 homes built on the front properties and they are built on either side, leaving intact this great vantage point and view.

This is a very special area for many backpackers that frequent this unique beach in Costa Rica. However, if you want to cater to visitors that prefer more comforts, then the rooms can be updated with air conditioners. There is a huge kitchen / laundry / storage space with stoves, ovens, etc. as you can see in the pictures. The possibilities are endless for someone with gourmet capabilities and knowledge to create marvelous meals with all the fresh foods and fish available in Playa Zancudo.

The bar is made with incredible indigenous woods that are one-of-kind here in Playa Zancudo. The now forbidden mangrove wood which has been there forever is ever present in the tropical bar and restaurant.

The property is located opposite the beach side of the road and in the more, as we say, "Gringo Landia" area of the peninsula.